Luc Döbereiner

Mitsein (2017)

for three sets of crotales and live-electronics

The work deals with the idea of being together (Mitsein) of sounds. It addresses questions of community and identity on the level of sound production and focusses on the relations of instrumental actions. Political questions are treated as questions of compositional practice. The piece is based on the idea that the identity of a sound is always constituted in relation to other sounds. No sound exists in isolation. The individual is only an individual by means of mediation of the whole. In Mitsein, sounds encounter each other and thus give rise to other sounds not previously contained in these sounds (sum and difference frequencies, for example). By means of the live-electronics this mutual transformation of sounds comes to the fore. The three players modulate, project, and transform each others sounds. We hear their difference and their commonalities, yet we also hear new sounds that are new identities produced by the encounter of sound events. In Mitsein, every sonorous event and every absence (silence) of sound affects the common sonic space. The homogeneous instrumentation (three sets of crotales) is located at the upper limits of the instrumental pitch range.

performed by Eklekto
Anne Briset, Fabien Perreau, Pascal Viglino
Geneva, 04/11/2017