Luc Döbereiner

inexistent (2013)
for ensemble and live-electronics

inexistent is a work for trombone, percussion, accordion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and live-electronics, which was premiered on August 31, 2012 in Berlin by ensemble unitedberlin. A central idea in the composition of the piece was to treat the whole ensemble as one instrument forming a space constituted by the instrumental combinations and register distributions. Of primary importance was the dynamic change of instrumentation and relation among the instruments. Hence, there is no instrumentation of a given material nor a pre-conceived sound to be (re)created by means of a certain instrumentation, but instrumentation is de-objectified, all- pervasive and all-constitutive.

The piece consists of a series of twenty-four situations, which are mainly determined and differentiated by the groupings and relations among the instruments. The situations vary greatly in duration, the shortest situations last just a few seconds, while the longest situations last several minutes. The twenty-four situations belong to six different types, each of these types occurs four times. These types are different instrumental groupings and relations among the instruments of the ensemble. The six types form a scale mediating between unity and multiplicity, or between homogeneity and heterogeneity.

The title refers to the insisting of a structural inexistence: each situation is characterized by instrumental combinations and materials that are grouped together and presented as a consistent unity. The piece moves forward by breaking with its own consistency, by creating new situations. What had been counted as one reveals itself as a composite. The movement of the piece is urging against its own being one, against its state. In its overall development it is a process of dissolving the cohesion of the instrumentation moving on to more and more heterogeneous situations. The withering away of the state towards a situation of freely associated individuals is not a metaphor produced by the piece, but its actual form and way of operating.

31/08/2012, Villa Elisabeth Berlin
Ensemble unitedberlin, conductor: Stephan Winkler