Luc Döbereiner

inconexiones (2013)
for cello, percussion, and live-electronics

inconexiones (roughly "unconnections" or "unconnectednesses") is a composition for cello, percussion, and live-electronics with a duration of approximately 14 minutes. One of the principles that the piece is based on is the idea that sound can be described negatively, i.e. by an omission of description and thus purely by means of a certain musical context. The realization of this idea in inconexiones is underpinned by a compositional assumption; there are two types of musical situations: relatively static situations, which describe a certain unchanging space of possibilities, and dynamic situations, i.e. directed transitions in which the musical space of possibilities is changing. In inconexiones, precisely notated and improvised passages alternate. The latter passages can either continue a certain notated situation or perform a dynamic transition to a new situation. Situations and transitions are described in a number of different ways: by means of precise notation, negatively by means of omission and context, by means of a textual description of a certain musical situation (especially for the percussion), and by means of a reservoir of materials to be chosen from (primarily for the cello). The work consists of fifteen situations, which are formed by three different permutations of five types of sound situations. These types of sound situations are related yet not identical to Helmut Lachenmann's Klangtypen.

06/06/2013, Baden (CH)
Karolina Öhman (cello), Martin Lorenz (percussion), and Luc Döbereiner (live-electronics)