Luc Döbereiner

Compression (2015)
for web-browser

Compression is a sound installation for web browsers. Using the listener's audio system (built-in or external microphone and loudspeakers) it creates sound through a process based on the specificities of the listener's acoustic environment and technical set-up. In its overall structure this process takes the form of audio feedback. On the one hand, Compression is detached from any specific place; on the other hand, it takes the concrete listening environment and its conditions as its material basis and is therefore nevertheless site specific. The ideas of site and acoustic space take on different roles in the installation: they are incorporated into the signal network as a filter. They open up the sound-generating process and introduce an element beyond compositional control. Space is thus both the other of the process - its outside - and an internal part of the signal network. Moreover, it acts as a form of mirror, an other through which the process analyses its own output and reacts to itself as it resonates in the space.

Compression is hosted by the record label DUMPF: open Compression (Please use Google Chrome or Chromium)

Text on the work: Compression: a Sound Installation for Web Browsers, Research Catalogue.

This project has been supported by Wissenstransferzentrum Süd (WTZ Süd).